5 Morning Habits For A Great Day

There’s a reason everyone says Good Morning. Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? We all want the day to begin on the right note, to have a productive day and feel accomplished. So, here’s us sharing our top 5 morning tips that will lift your mood, create a more positive vibe and help you win the day like a boss babe. 

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Why so serious? 

Ok, not to sound like the joker at all… but smiling to yourself the moment you open your eyes can make you…well smile the whole day. Smiling releases the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and endorphins which means you will start your day in a better mood.  


A glass full of positivity 

We know that your cup of coffee is calling you and trust us you will soon be able to have those beans of energy. But before that, drink a glass of water as it makes you feel fresh and hydrated.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Bed hair and sleepy eyes might not be the first thing you want to see in the morning. But a morning tip which we follow is to look ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are worth it. Oh, and then don’t forget to say thank you for all the good things in life. Gratitude is the attitude girl! 

Write is right 

The day ahead might seem daunting. But by now, you must obviously know that we have a morning tip for that too. Sit down with a journal after you freshen up and write whatever comes to your mind, the tasks you need to complete as well as the emotions you are feeling currently. This will stop you from feeling overwhelmed and help you feel more in charge. 

The news is not new 

There’s already too much going on in your life and the world in general. So, it’s better to avoid watching the news in the morning and instead fill your mind with positivity and happy stuff. You don’t always have to stay updated…just breathe. 

So, these are a few tips which we follow in the morning to have a good day. But do remember, these are not the only tips, if you feel comfortable doing something else, totally go ahead with it. After all, you are the boss, babe! 

The High-Heeled Girl!

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