5 Ways To Make Your Office Space More Happy

Whether you are working from an office, working from home, or shuttling between the two (pandemic rules, you see) one thing that you need to maintain is your productivity. But work is not just about the hours you spend on your desk, is it? Its’ about working with a happy, positive mood and looking forward to coming to work (no matter if it’s a huge office or a corner spot in the hall). 

So, we thought, hey, why not share a few tricks we have picked up over time that can help your workspace feel more vibrant, happy and (most importantly) insta-worthy!  

a white desk with three white pots, white phone and a white laptop to make office space productive

Space of your own.

You must have heard this tip quite a lot of times by now, but trust us it really, really works. The secret lies in your creativity. Personalizing a space is not just about putting random objects from your home on your desk. Choose something that has a meaning behind it and then place in a manner that you can look at it or reach for it every time you feel uninspired. 

a drawer with organized colorful notepads, post-its, pens, and other office stationary
Does it spark joy?

Having 10 note pads, colorful post-its, unused pens lying randomly on your desk might be doing more harm to your productivity than you realize. Instead we have found that keeping our notepads in a net row or on top of each other with the ones we use at the front, and all the pens in a pen stand gains us more space and less stress. 

white and purple flowers with incense sticks and essential oil diffuser around it

Create the right aroma. 

Just like the fresh aroma of coffee beans gives you the much needed morning kick, the right aroma at your desk can also boost your senses. Get yourself a scented candle, a sweet smelling incense stick or an essential oil diffuser. This sort of aromatherapy can do wonders when you are all work, work, work. 

a woman listening to music using white headphones and drinking from a cup while working on her desk
Let the music play.

Listening to songs can be really calming, relaxing, mood-lifting and any other ‘ing’ that can be possible. Soothing piano music, jazz, popular international hits or heavy metal, listen to whatever makes your workspace feels more “you”. Or if you are the silent type, then get yourself some noise cancelling headphones and block out the world. 

woman cleaning her desk with a plant in her hand
Clean up before wrapping up.

As the clock ticks closer to “EOD”, we know how excited you can be. But before you catch up on the latest episode or go for your dinner, take a few minutes to clean up your desk; which means washing your coffee cup, shutting down your computer and removing the food crumbs (we know you have them). Take our word for it, this will save you time the next morning and make you feel cleaner!

We hope you these tips will help your office/ work space more happy and positive. Let us know if you followed any of the 5 mentioned tips and send us pictures of the same to our official Instagram handle, @dontcallmeprincessofficial. 

Can’t wait to see your creativity! 

The High-Heeled Girl

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