The very first collection of flats by Don’t Call Me Princess footwear, #NoOneLikeMe is inspired by our all time favorite Taylor Swift and her music. Colorful, cheerful and chic, the entire collection seems to reflect the bold and beautiful persona of Taylor’s. The poppy colors add a dash of spring summer to your wardrobe and the comfort levels are maximized by cushioned footboards and tiny heels!

pink flats slide on with buckle pattern peach pink scrunchie flats slip on for women tan brown scrunchie slip on flats for women
maroon slip on flats with buckle pattern


olive green slip on flats with scrunchie for women

"I promise that you'll never find another like me"

white slip on slides flats
knotted black and yellow slip on flats for women

Fall in love with comfort, style and colors

white and yellow slip on kitten heels studded embellished black slip on flats for women
yellow studded slip on flats for women brown flats for women