Since the time of Cinderella, it's all about the right shoe size! Here's our quick guide to find your right fit:
1. How To Measure Your Foot 
Place the back of your foot against a wall on level ground. Then measure the distance from point A to B.
The distance between A and B is the length of your feet.
The distance between A and B is the length of your feet.
2. Select your size
Refer to the size conversion chart below and select the size closest to the length of your feet.
ASIA / EU US UK JP KR / CN Length of Foot (CM)
34 4 1 22 220 21.7
35 5 2 22.5 225 22.3
36 6 3 23 230 23
37 7 4 23.5 235 23.7
38 8 5 24.5 245 24.3
39 9 6 25 250 25
40 10 7 25.5 255 25.7
41 11 8 26 260 26.3
Size Chart for Adults
3. Points To Be Noted
a) Don't Call Me Princess uses the Asian/European size for its footwear collection.
b) Many a times, both sides of your feet are different in length. In that case we recommend you select a shoe size based on the longer foot.
c) The current recommended size chart does not include half size recommendations. We suggest you select the shoe size based on the length closest to your feet measurement.
d) Please note, foot length is not equivalent to shoe length.
e) Shoe comfort is dependent on a combination of factors such as size, design/cutting and heel height. For example, shoes that are of the same size, but are different in design/cutting, may not give you the same level of comfort.
f) These are recommended guidelines to get you the best possible fit for Don't Call Me Princess footwear collections only.