The Rambling Teapot

The official podcast channel of the homegrown footwear brand Don't Call Me Princess (DCMP). We ramble about things that don't fit a box along with a fun guest(s) in our non-judgemental safe space! From unconventional success stories of badass boss babes, borderless/genderless fashion, to relationships that challenge societal norms; everything comes under the umbrella of the DCMP podcast -The Rambling Teapot.
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Episode 1 - The Politics Of Morning Affirmations

Feat. Bhagyashri Thakur

Hello Ramblers! Welcome to the very first episode of The Rambling Teapot, official podcast channel of Don’t Call Me Princess footwear. In this episode, our host and founder Nikita Chakravorty is joined by photographer Bhagyashree Thakur to ramble upon the ever trending and omnipresent ‘Morning Affirmations'.

Are these affirmations a sign of privilege or is a way to keep women in place? Can you just ‘breathe’ or have sex instead of listening / watching these affirmations; Bhagyashree and Nikita dissect it all and in the process unleash a high tide of sass, style & laughter!



Episode 2 - Am I A Bad Mom?

Feat. Nazneen Shaikh

Hello Ramblers! Are you a millennial dealing with symptoms of the pandemic, Gen-Z attack and motherhood? Then you are in just the right place. On a not very light note, we decided to dive into a very significant issue that was brought to light by influencer Diipa Khosla Buller during her time at the Cannes Film Festival - motherhood & its impact on a career woman.

To ramble upon the same, our host Nikita is joined by former Ms. Polo International, entrepreneur & new mommy herself, Nazneen Shaikh. From mother’s guilt to date nights during mommyhood, they discuss and deliver the best of their know-hows to you!



Episode 3 - I Wore Heels And I Liked It

Feat. Darshit & Yash

How many times have we been made to feel terrible about our fashion choices? Well ramblers, that is exactly what we will be discussing in this episode. Joined in by two members of the queer community of Surat, Yash & Darshit, our host Nikita is going to take you on a personal ride of choice, desire and acceptance.

Sassing their way into hearts, listen to these ramblers share their journey of picking gender-bending fashion.




Episode 4 - Slide Into My DMs

Feat. Raveena Dhingra Sahni

Hey Ramblers! In this episode of The Rambling Teapot, the official podcast channel of Don’t Call Me Princess footwear, we bring you the trending and very close to heart topic of people sliding into our DMs.

To ramble upon the same, our host Nikita is joined in by belly dancer Raveena Dhingra Sahni. From going all “Poo” (from K3G) over haters to ways of dealing with such hate, we discuss it all!



Episode 5: Love In The Time Of Coworking

Feat. Ayush, Liza & Twinkle

Are you a hopeless romantic? Is it still the same old butterflies in the stomach, violins playing in the background, the cheesy nicknames? Or has it completely taken a U-turn towards hookups and casual relationships?

Our gorge host Nikita is joined in by millennial and founder of one of its kind coworking space in Surat, WorkSpaceCo, Ayush Marodia; along with his absolutely ravishing team of Gen-Zs, Liza Abadan & Twinkle Bardolia. Together they spill the tea over everything pyaar-shyaar!