Once Upon A Time...

...There lived a girl who was in love with the shoes, cats and the idea of love just like in fairy tales. While she didn't take too much time to find the rest somehow finding the shoes she desired was not as easy as it sounded! Neither were Cinderella shoes real, nor were the brands that her on-screen inspiration Carrie Bradshaw introduced her with affordable! 
One day, while the world was hit and forced to stay inside by the COVID-19 lockdown; she sat cuddling with her cats with a glass of Cosmopolitan watching Carrie sauntering around the streets of New York in her designer shoes. As her beloved slept off out of the boredom of watching Sex and the City for the 99th time, out of nowhere an idea popped into her head - why not create a shoe brand in India inspired by runway trends. She realized this was what she was born to do and so  woke her precious up at 3:00 am in the morning to share this idea she had already fallen head over heels for!
While the idea seemed convincing, naming the brand was a dilemma. She didn't want to play on the age-old Cinderella inspired terms and references, rather wanted something bold and empowering. That's when it struck! The very fact that every time we think about shoes, we think about princesses and fairy tales filled with women waiting to be rescued.
Don't Call Me Princess was born out of a desire to shatter stereotypes and break-free of labels that we have become so attuned to. The brand goes beyond gender binaries and reinforces the power that lies within. Pink is not weak; make-up is not for others; not all damsels are in distress; prince charmings can wait; and wearing heels don't slow you down. We create shoes for the boss babes who don't just dare to dream but have the courage to realize the same!
As a brand we are focused on re-introducing women to high heels, making them a staple of everyday Indian wardrobes. At the same time we are driven towards making bold and poppy designs straight out of runway trends a reality! While at it, we are ensuring, as much as possible, to consider comfort during the design and manufacturing process so as to not slow down the women who are always on the go!