Shoe Accessories For Heels To Reduce Pain

The only thing better than wearing a beautiful pair of high heels is wearing them comfortably. We have already talked about a few tips which make for a comfortable heel experience. Today, we will talk about accessories that will help keep your head and heels high yet pain, low! 

different color insole for heels

In-soles for your heels

Price: Starting Rs.349 

A handy trick which you can use to deal with pain while wearing high heels is to wear cushioned insoles. Insoles can actually provide you the right amount balance to your feet which makes it easier to manage your walk in heels. It also gives you the much needed support for a comfortable shoe experience. You can approach your friendly neighborhood cobbler to give you these insoles or you can buy them online. 

Pro tip: opt for in-soles that come with back liners for an even smoother walk in heels!

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heel liners

Heel liners to protect against blisters 

Price: Starting Rs.199

Say goodbye to shoe bites due to the uncalled for shoe rubbing with the magic of heel liners. Place the liner against the back of the shoe and prevent the constant rubbing or even slipping (if you have tiny/thin feet). Thereby making your pair of heels wearable all day long! 

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packet of silica gel

Gel on with Silicone gel

Price: Starting Rs.152

Remember those do-not-eat gel sachets that you always got with your bags? It’s the right time to put them to use. Insert a sachet of silicone gels on your heels, right where the balls of your feet (the underpart of your toes) would be as it would reduce the callouses on your feet from standing for long periods of time. 

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heel up with heel cushions

Heels up with heel cushions 

Price: Starting Rs.540 

We know the popular saying goes no pain, no gain. But it need not necessarily apply when it comes to wearing high heels. So, if you are someone who suffers from back pain but love wearing heels, we recommend you use heel cushions at the heel of your shoe for a more painless time. 

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corn cushions for corn

Callus Foam ( Corn Patch) for your feet

Price: Starting Rs.399 

It’s corny (pun intended), but it’s very effective. Paste some corn cushions across your heels to reduce the pain while walking, standing, dancing or anything really, as these little cushions will provide you the much needed friction you need to make your heel wearing time very comfortable. 

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So boss babes, next time your high heels give you lemons, all you need to do is log onto Amazon and get yourself some kickass shoe accessories for better 'heeling experience'. Do you have any tips/ tricks you use to wear high heels comfortably? Share away for fellow boss ladies who love their heels, in the comments below!

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