Revealed: The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping Better

Sleepless nights have become the new normal with the 2nd wave of the pandemic hitting us all. Along with spending hours on Instagram, having imaginary concerts on Spotify, the exclusive drop-in audio chats on Clubhouse, finding our aesthetics on Pinterest, we tend to have a little too much screen time. Consequence - terrible sleeping schedules!

Worry not, your High-Heeled Girl has you covered. Try this 5-step bedtime routine to sleep better and thank us later!

Step 1: Turn Down The Heat

There's a tested theory that we fall asleep when our body cools down. We can do two things to achieve this. One, take a nice long bath as this helps reduce your body temperature. The second way is to turn the temperature down! Make a nice cozy environment for you to get lazy and comfortable in. You will sleep 2x faster if you do both!

Step 2: Candlelit Skincare Routine 

Masking-Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing with a delicious aroma around your bedroom can definitely help speed up the process of falling asleep! Indulge in your olfactory senses while pampering your skin. Light up a nice scented candle or a diffuser. Our personal picks will include fragrances like lavender, wild Indian rose and peppermint. 

Step 3: Drink Warm Milk

Call your mom and ask her for the recipe of her ever famous Haldi Doodh ( Turmeric Latte). We know you hated it then and hate it even more now sip that bad boy right before you go to sleep and watch the miracle happen. 

Wasn't convincing enough? Not only does it help you sleep better, but also offers a range of other health benefits like stronger immunity, better skin, lower blood sugar, reduce chances of cancer and also, boost your memory! Hopefully, this should be able to make you do the deed. 

Step 4: Get Your PJs On 

Slip into your silk pajamas, snuggle into a fluffy comforter and bury yourself into your pillows; the more comfortable you get, the better you sleep. The reason behind this is to get your body to relax which in turn helps your mind to relax. You can also try reading a book before turning off the lights! 



Step 5.1: Get Under The Sheets With BAE

Without any intentions of hurting your feelings and strictly meant for people who live with their partners: Bae beside you? You already set the mood with the candles, the freshly showered you and the cool room. What are you waiting for? Get frisky under the sheets and we guarantee you the best goodnight sleep! 

For the bae-less ones, music has got you covered. Listen to beats between 60-70 BPM (Beats Per Minute), or simply select a nice sleep playlist from Spotify. The music waves are said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system which means calmer breaths, lower heart rate and better sleep.

These tried and tested tips to sleep better will hopefully have a great effect on your sleeping pattern. So, as you find yourself some scented candles (or a bae), we will peace out and come back with some awesome content soon! 


The High-Heeled Girl

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