How To Stalk Your Un-stalkable Ex - An Introspection

We know what you The Bold Type enthusiasts are thinking! You’re right, we’re a little too inspired and decided to do a little spin off from one of the articles that Jacqueline asked Jane to write for Scarlett Magazine. While Jane definitely failed, your High Heeled Girl is very determined to create a ‘stalking your ex manual’ for our busy bee readers who can’t really get over her ex or are looking for closure. But all this, with a desi twist for stalking your un-stalkable ex. Read on sister!!!


The word stalking comes off PRETTTTTTYYYYY negative and it indeed is! But we are here talking about that one ex who we never got closure from and we are only gonna give you some tips on how to do some light stalking, get closure and move on! Coz honey, he’s just not that into you!

Plan A: Let's get cracking, the first thing we will do is something easy, take your bestie's phone and see if he's active on any social media platform you can think of. Cause he might have blocked you but not your friends! See if you can get any clue out of there.

He might have moved or have gotten married, whatever it is make sure if you’re doing this, you should be hella successful to not get affected. “They got married but you got millions”! And you may choose to be unhappy in your yacht in that fabulous DVF dress and  DCMP heels  or unhappy in a relationship. So, pick wisely! 

Plan B:  Warning - Don't try this in a pandemic, but maybe after. Make a list of his hangout places, and hit them up but looking hot AF (maybe with a date)!

Arushi Chawla From Roadies Looking Hot AF in our Madonna Heels

P.S. Don't go on a stakeout. There’s a pandemic going on out there and please have some self-worth!  

Plan C: If you didn't find him at his usual place there’s still a chance you might stumble upon mutual friends who love to talk! Get them a nice beverage or a dessert (bribe in reality) and get them talking, subtly bring him in the conversation and dig! 

Or you can just grab your girls for a breakfast date or go shopping or scream out loud for dating someone who didn’t value you, or do something...anything… but more valuable, girl! 

What "The Bold Type" Gets Right About the Magazine Industry - Ed2010

Final plan: Ask yourself is he worth so much of your efforts and attention? Mostly, the answer is a BIG NO. 

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' renewed for Season 4 | MorungExpress |

Then why go to such lengths, Queens? Ask yourself why did you even bother click opening such an article? (Although we love the traffic, we love you more)! And we want you to love yourself coz you’re GORGE and no one deserves to make you this pathetic and unhappy. 

There is a world waiting out there to be conquered by you. So buy some shoes and get over it! Just in case, you can check out our fabulous shoes here.

The High-Heeled Girl


Note: This article is only for a purpose of a fun read and to have a laugh over a bad breakup. In no way it promotes any sort of stalking or negative actions against anyone! The aim is to help self-realise that no partner is worth crying over when you can work towards building an empire of your own and giving back to the community in need. 

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