Product Care

All Don't Call Me Princess products are created by hand using the finest and vegan raw materials. We source as well as produce in India with a handful of finest karigars. 

Our vision is not just to bring back the gorgeous heels into the Indian wardrobes, but also to ensure the longevity and durability of the shoes by offering you a care guide. 

 General Care

For longer shoe life, keep your Don't Call Me Princess heels away from alcohol, oil, solvents and water. If somehow your shoes get wet, let them dry naturally and don't use any external source of heat like a hairdryer, etc. as excessive heat may damage the lustre of the shoes. 

Refrain from cleaning shoes with soap and water. Always use a leather care product for cleaning. Even while using such a product, test it on a smaller spot on your shoe to check colorfastness. 

Right Way To Store Your Heels

All heels should be stored separately in the shoe care bags that come along with the shoe box when you receive a pair from us. Make sure that the shoes are properly ventilated before you store them. 

Maintaining The Soles 

All soles are subject to marking upon first wear. It's a natural process and a part of normal wear of the shoes. Using a clear sole protector can help increase the the lustre life of the soles. 

Maintaining The Shape

Your Don't Call Me Princess shoes will mould over time to take the shape of your own foot. They may also stretch further due to extensive wear. To maintain the shape of the shoes for a longer period, we recommend using colorless tissue paper to stuff the shoes or use a shoe tree. 

Maintaining Heel Tips 

Regular use of the shoes will naturally lead to the wearing of the heel tips. We suggest you get it replaced by a cobbler when that starts happening as it might lead to an unbalanced heel with balancing issues. 

Maintaining The Shoe Lining

The lining of the shoes can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. For suede shoes, use a suede brush instead. 

Maintaining Embellishments

All sorts of shoe embellishments like metal chains, crystal or other stoned accessories need to be cleaned gently and kept carefully without rubbing against each other or the body of the shoes. Failing this, might lead to scratches or tear. Keep away from water, oil, alcohol or solvents. In case it comes in contact with water, pat dry with a cloth immediately.

Maintaining Patent Leather

The sleek and glossy finish of patent leather shoes is achieved by applying a coat of varnish over them. This serves as a protective layer over the shoes. To maintain the shine, use a soft cloth to gently remove surface dirt. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat. 

Maintaining Satin

Satin is a delicate fabric in nature. Always store satin shoes in the care bags, be careful if they have embellishments as it rubbing against the surface may cause tear. Keep away from sharp objects as well as any form of liquid. We recommend the use of a stain protector or a waterproofing spray. However spot test in a small area to ensure colorfastness. 

Maintaining PVC

The glossy finish and almost transparent panels of the PVC shoes are generally high on durability. But the synthetic nature of the material makes it low on breathability that may lead to steaming up of the surface during wear. Always use a soft and dry cloth to remove dirt from surface. Do not use any leather care products on PVC. 

Note that Don't Call Me Princess is making these recommendations as a brand courtesy towards clients who would love to increase the lives of their shoes. It is the customers who follow these guidelines who are solely responsible for its outcome, excluding Don't Call Me Princess from any responsibility.