A Curvy Girl's Guide To Eating Healthy

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Hey gorgeous! Is eating healthy constantly on your mind just like your ex but can't seem to make it work? Then you have come to the right place! We feel EXACTLY the same; yet have been able to take tiny steps towards a healthy relationship with food without drastically changing our gastronomical preferences. How you ask? Read away boss babes!


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Set Realistic Goals 

Before you change your whole grocery list, ask yourself why do you want to start eating healthy? Is it weight loss, good heart health, cutting down meat consumption? Whatever it is, the eating habits have to be aligned with your goal. But the goal should not simply be to change your body. Only then it will be easier for you, otherwise it will be similar to binge watching that show which you disliked, only because everyone else was doing so or asking you to do so! 

Remember: Eating healthy ≠ Weight Loss

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A Clean Chit 

Now that you know why you are eating healthy, we come to the next step: making your grocery list. Keep in mind, you don’t have to drastically change what you shop for. Just add a few healthy ingredients like more vegetables, fruits etc. than you usually would. This would make the transition to healthy eating easy without making you feel overwhelmed with the change. 

Fork and an avocado and egg breakfast dish

Add, Don’t Ignore 

Sounds fancy eh? But not really. 'Add, don't ignore' simply means for an easier habit, you need to add healthy food to your daily consumption. For example, if you are someone who likes toast and eggs for breakfast, continue with it, but the next time just whip up an avocado omelet instead. Small change, huge difference.

A pan containing cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, onion and a red table cloth


We know you are wondering what is this all about. Not going to lie, we got the inspiration from Outfit of the Day, but gave it a new twist, Food Of The Day. So, this is a very simple tip which makes your healthy eating much easier. All you need to do is think of a color, for example, green and whip up a dish that has green elements in it; spinach, avocado, kale etc. Or go red and bring in the La Tomatina in the kitchen gurrlll!

A cutting board with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and other healthy vegetables

Prep Your Meals 

A tip which helped us eat healthy, was prepping up our meals beforehand. You don’t have to actually make the whole dish, but what you can do is keep the ingredients all chopped up and ready. On weekends, keep the vegetables ready till atleast for 2 more days. And on the others, prepare for the next day. This will motivate you because well… who wants to waste food, right? 

Lemon water in a sipper with slices of healthy orange, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries around it

One Day At A Time, Poppins! 

Even if you start eating healthy, sticking to the routine is hard. What you can do instead is adopt a new healthy habit everyday. Drink 3 glasses of water instead of 1, drink a smoothie instead of milkshake. The options are all out there, you just need to go and grab it. Start as a responsibility and see it turn into a habit. 

While these steps really helped us with our day to day dietary choices, the struggle with acne, weight gain, etc. continues! So, don't expect immediate results. AND NEVER dislike your body coz that's your temple, honey. Treat eating healthy as the first step towards loving your body not changing it. On that note, we will go grab an avocado toast, while you work on your healthy eating habits starting now! 

The High-Heeled Girl

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