16 LGBTQ+ Content To Binge On To Be A Better Ally This Pride Month

16 LGBTQ+ Content To Binge On To Be A Better Ally This Pride Month

It’s June and we all know what that means right? No, we are not talking about the delicious mangoes. It’s Pride Month, queens! And what better way to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community than to put on those comfy pyajamas and binge-watch or listen to queer-centric and friendly shows and podcasts.

So, all you high-heeled queens, let’s sashay away with these 15 fan favorite pop-culture picks to celebrate our rainbow brothers and sisters.


Any mention of women loving women shows will be incomplete without the historic L-word. Focusing on a mélange of lesbian, bi and queer women, this show is considered to be one of the first ever on television regarding same sex relationships; it addressed every issue from marriage, infidelity, friendship, with just the right amount of drama. The fact that now there is a L-WORD: Generation Q, is a testament to the popularity of the show.



Who knew that 5 men from different backgrounds will take our TV screens by storm? Termed as the ‘fab five’, these men have been doing makeovers not only for houses, but in hearts as well. Looking for a fun, fashionable, emotionally charged, tears-smiles inducing LGBTQ+ show? Queer eye is the show for you!



A coming-of age drama focusing on the experience of a black man dealing with his sexuality, this film did not just win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It won everyone’s heart with its endearing and honest depiction of intersectional struggle that comes with realization of one’s identity as well as sexuality.



Heard of love at first sight? Well, in 2GETHER, a Thai series, this actually happens between 2 guys who fall head over heels for each other and the series chronicles their journey of music, love and friendship. Cute would not even begin to suffice it. Watch it to find out for yourself!



Want to give your eyes some rest? Then here’s a podcast, #QUEERAF, streaming on Spotify with inspiring stories of LGBTQ+ people across the spectrum who cover different topics ranging from sexuality to mental health challenges. Hear the rainbow shine through in this podcast and become a better ally!



What’s more exciting than watching a loving yet dysfunctional family go through their daily life in a mockumentary style? A gay couple adopting and raising a child together. Filled with heartfelt as well as light hearted moments, Mitch and Cam are one of the few people shown on camera leading a life as normal and sometimes volatile, as possible.



This Netflix limited series, released in 2019 was a continuation of the 1993 mini-series and will help any ally be acquainted with the diverse identities and sexualities that are there across the spectrum. With Elliot Page in one of the leading roles, this show celebrates love and relationships in all forms.



“Doing drag is a form of self-expression.” Become an ally while enjoying a colorful display of talent in a show that is on a hunt for America’s Most Glamorous Drag Queen. Filled with music, drama, dancing and makeovers, this show is absolutely not a drag!

PS: It’s our personal binge pick for Pride Month!



As the famous British Youtubers and wives, Rose and Rosie set on a new journey to parenthood, their podcast, Parental Guidance provides a direction to other same sex couples who want to become parents. Sharing their own experience as well as roping in guest stars, this podcast is personal as well as enlightening for allies and same-sex couples, both.



Move over Edward Cullen, there is a new vampire in town. This web series, available for streaming on Youtube, binds together the mysterious lesbian vampire and the energetic, nerdy girl who falls for her and a story of love, resilience and supernatural elements. What’s more you ask dear ally? The show features one of the first ever non-binary character!



The nostalgia of the 1990’s along with the flutters of first love, this is the first ever televised same sex story, broadcast as a web series and featuring an Indian lesbian couple who discover their feelings for each other while trying to maintain their relationship in an era when cellphones and internet did not exist. Come for the love, stay for the love, allies!



A bold new attempt to create conversations around homosexuality and gay men, His Story is an ALTBalaji web series that features two gay men navigating their relationship amidst societal expectations as well as taboos. Bring out the handkerchief allies, because you will surely need it.



Disney has really taken its LGBTQ+ representation seriously. And if you are in a mood for some teenage romance between two young guys complete with some high school drama, then Love Victor is just the show for you.



Depicting the lives of 5 gay men and their friends who lived during the HIV/ AIDS crisis of the 1980-90’s, this show will surely make you more aware about this disease, the stigma gay men face because of it and realize that loving someone of the same sex is clearly not a sin.



Don’t believe in soulmates? This show will change your mind. Set amidst a horror story, Bly Manor has one of the best, romantic and sweetest love stories ever, brought to life by the characters of Dani and Jamie. One thing is for sure dear ally, it’s not a ghost story, it’s a love story.


A show made by the Wachowskis' AND with  positive LGBTQ+ inclusiveness. Get ready with the popcorn queens, because Sense8s' Lito and Hernando will make you go 'aawww' with their cuteness while Nomi and Amanita's beautiful same sex wedding will surely have to reaching for the tissues. Did we mention Nomi's character is a transwoman played by an actual transwoman? Now that's an adventurous and mesmerizing show you can watch to be a better ally!


What could a flamboyant riches to rags pansexual guy and a patient, adorable small-town guy could have in common? Loads and loads of love. Follow David and Patrick's journey of finding each other, falling for each other and becoming husbands because they are... *Simply the best*.

This brings us to the end of our list of handpicked queer content. We feel this should be good enough to keep you hooked this pride month! And if you finish binging everything, you can ask for more in the comments below. On that note, Happy Pride Queens!

The High-Heeled Girl


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